Bluebird Composting

Bluebird Composting logo from vector high quality 50 percent with contactBluebird Premium Blend Organic Compost contains organic materials that would normally go to the landfill. We take tons of materials like food scraps, animal bedding, wood chips and turn it all until it is a rich soil amendment. Our products are made in Fulton, Missouri and sold throughout the Midwest. Compost is great for tilling into garden soil, landscaping, tree planting, spreading on pastures, topdressing lawns and mulching flower beds. Our compost is great for the environment as well.

Look for our compost and soil amendment products at your local garden center, nursery or hardware store or contact us directly at 573-808-7115 or 573-999-4082. Our compost and soil amendment products are sold in bags. We can also ship in bulk by the dump truck and semi-truck throughout Missouri. Look for our Facebook page and continue to check our website to continue to see our posts.

2 thoughts on “Bluebird Composting

  1. Caren Etling says:


    I am a school nurse at Meramec Elementary School, in Clayton, MO. We have a science garden and are in the process of reviving it! We purchased a composter!!! Would you be interested in being a resource for the kids? Typically, they may ask questions about composting or want to see pictures. I have liked your facebook page, therefore, they can see the videos and pics!

    Any samples, would also be appreciated!
    Thank you,
    Nurse Caren

  2. Mary Gordon says:

    I am very proud to know that Callaway County has a business like yours. I compost in small quantity and work to enhance my small enclosed garden to have organic vegetables for my family. Keep up the great work and I look forward to using your products in the future.

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