About BlueBird Composting

Bluebird Composting was founded with the sole purpose of creating eco-centric agricultural products. Since then, owner and founder Rana Bains has launched an Organic Waste Recycling Program in Mid-Missouri that allowed him to create OMRI-listed Bluebird Premium Blend Organic Compost.

It is Bluebird’s mission to explore greener and more sustainable agricultural methods. Mr. Bains traveled across the United States; engaging in work experiences, training programs, and educational coursework in Minnesota, California, Maine, Vermont, and Missouri. He has completed academic programs through California Polytechnic State University, the University of Missouri, and the University of Vermont.

While studying sustainable agriculture at the University of Vermont, he became intrigued by the science and benefits of composting. Through a variety of professional experiences and courses, his interest became a passion. He left Vermont with a mission to create the best compost in the market. Mr. Bains is passionate about healing the earth and sharing his knowledge with others.

Why Organic Compost?

All of us at Bluebird Composting strive for sustainability in our own lives and are passionate about providing a product that is sustainably produced and encourages others to grow sustainably. We assist local farmers, food vendors, schools, hospitals, and individuals in managing their organic waste. These efforts prevent tons (and we mean TONS!) of material from ending up in landfills, where they rot and release methane, as well as potentially contribute to runoff into our water supply.

We collect various types of waste material and combine them in specific ratios, under special conditions, transforming ordinary waste into our premium compost. This organic compost can nourish the soil, reducing our unhealthy dependence on harmful chemical fertilizers, and allowing us to treat Mother Earth with a little more kindness!

These efforts provided above prevent tons, and we do mean TONS! Of material from ending up in landfills, where they rot and release Methane as well as potential run off into our water supply; Due to our green efforts to keep and create a more sustainable source of compost for you and many others to come, we can continue to help our environment from methane building in the atmosphere and potentially harmful run off from poisoning the water we use for our plants and for our everyday habits.