The BlueBird Composting Farm

Gettin’ Dirty With Compost Manufacturing

At Bluebird, we don’t just make premium organic compost we put it to the test on our own farm. We grow a variety of produce throughout the seasons and sell at our local markets in Columbia and Fulton, Mo. We never use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on our produce because we are only committed to practices that are TRUE TO NATURE. We are passionate about sustainability in every corner of our business especially our farm, and we always love to share what we know and grow with the people in our community!



Our main priority is feeding the soil. Current agricultural practices abuse our soil, stripping it of nutrients, killing beneficial bacteria, and essentially extinguishing its fertility. At BlueBird, we work to be the anti-chemical-fertilizer: building up soil health and strength by nurturing beneficial bacteria and microbial life. Only then can you grow healthy, natural produce that is nutritious and delicious!


Building soil health is not only healthier, but it is also more economical. Instead of stripping the soil it improves it over time making it an invaluable resource that can easily produce without expensive chemical. We also are crazy about growing heirlooms, for their seed-saving potential. The majority of our produce is from heirloom seed which, unlike hybrids, are full of fertile seeds that will keep on reproducing for years to come!


Essentially, all of this is done for the benefit of our community. We grow a variety of crops, most of which are heirloom, and this adds diversity to our local food sources making our community’s food supply more sustainable. Not only food but seeds (i.e. potential food) which can be saved by anyone who buys our seed-bearing produce.