Why BlueBird Organic Compost?

25% of all purchased food in the US in thrown away. This adds up to throwing the equivalent of $165 BILLION each year, plus an additional $750 million in the disposal of that waste. This waste then makes up the majority of our already paramount landfills.

Recent waste composition studies have concluded that 72% of waste in landfills is strictly organic materials (i.e. compostables). This rotting organic material releases methane, a greenhouse gas said to be 20x more harmful than car exhaust! These landfills are responsible for 1/3 of all methane released into our atmosphere. Simply recycling organic waste can impact the environment as dramatically as taking a car off of the road for an entire year!

Here at BlueBird Composting, we make it easy for businesses and individuals to choose a more responsible means of discarding their waste. We take steps to make recycling convenient for our customers because we believe it’s vital to our future.

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